Power Words: Using Words to Move People

One of the most powerful environmental influencers is a leader or authority’s language. I call the empowering words a leader uses, Power Words.  A parent, teacher, pastor, supervisor, manager, or leader’s words can have a major impact on the people they lead. Numerous research studies have investigated the impact words have on people’s behavior. These studies … Read more

Leadership vs. Management

Leadership is not management.   Many use the the words manager and leader synonymously, but a leader is not necessarily a manager and a manager is not always a leader.   So what’s the difference?   Warren Bennis makes several differentiations in his book “On Becoming a Leader.”   – The manager is a copy; … Read more

Be a Gainer, Not a Loser

Many people are thinking about losing weight this time of year. It’s by far the most popular new year’s resolutions.   My good friend Tim Nations recently blogged about his mindset shift related to his goal of losing weight every year.  His new plan, in 2014, is to focus on gaining, rather than losing. No, … Read more

Motivate Employees Like Prisoners

Motivating employees can be tough. Especially employees who are not in a job role they want. You think that is hard? Now, imagine if your job is to motivate prisoners to be law-abiding and  productive members of the community. In the U.S. the prison population is four times higher than it was 30 years ago. … Read more

The Top 5 Books on Motivation

  I am often asked about what books I’d recommend on the topic of motivation and persuasion. So I thought I would write this post to be a resource.   I believe each of the authors mentioned below have produced solid, science-based, yet practical books anyone can trust and use. I don’t agree with everything … Read more

5 Motivation Killers Leaders Must Avoid

When the opportunity presents itself, I like to ask people what motivates them and what hinders their motivation. I’ve asked this question to a wide variety of people from teenagers to business owners and CEOs. Young and old. Rich and poor. And people from all around the world.   I’ve even asked this question to … Read more