5 Fun Ways to Become More Cognitively Fit


Cognitive fitness can be a strategic advantage that drives your motivation, resilience, analytical processing, and decision-making ability. Similarly to building muscle, it takes exercise to build your cognitive fitness. In this video, you will learn five fun ways to boost your brain health and support high levels of brain functioning.

The #1 Strategy to Reach Ultra High Performance


There is one science-based method that will get you into a state of high performance and into “the zone.” It’s called flow. More than 4 decades of research has revealed a process that can help you gain greater focus and achieve at a higher level more often.

How to Beat Negativity and Become a More Powerful Thinker

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ou brain is wired to be negative. It’s designed to be a threat detector. Negativity just happens to be our most useful cognitive tool for survival. If it’s not managed well, can be a major contributor to relationship problems, depression, and lower levels of achievement and performance than we desire. This happens when our brain resorts to COGNITIVE DISTORTIONS to process experiences and choose how to behave. These distortions end up being major derailers for us.

Power Words that Activate the Brain

Power Words

Words have power. The power to harm and the power to energize and inspire. Words hold even more weight when they come from a leader.  Numerous studies reveal the impact words have on our thinking and behavior. If you want to be a leader who optimizes the brains of your followers, then click the below … Read more

How to Practice the New Science of Performance


If you are wanting to boost the performance of your employees or the overall performance of your organization the new science of performance can be implemented by learning and applying two key practices: The first is Hire for High Performance. This includes having deep insights into a person’s intellectual capabilities, personality, and their motives and … Read more

The 2 Most Important Ways to Connect and Influence

Do you want to influence and persuade more effectively? If so, you will have to learn how to connect with people in a way that builds trust and this often requires that you make this trust connection quickly!  Many of our daily interactions are quick and involve little conversation and exchange of words. A brief, “How’s … Read more