5 Tips for Beating Distractions at Work

We all know the feeling – you sit down at your desk with the best of intentions, only to find yourself a few hours later having achieved nothing other than catching up on your social media newsfeed, texting a friend, and perhaps you sent a few emails. Distractions in the workplace can be challenging to … Read more

7 Ways to Bring Contagious Positive Energy to Your Team

7 Ways to Bring Energy IMG

You bring energy to every interaction you have with others. This energy has a significant impact and can be either negative or positive. If you hold a leadership position the impact of your energy is a powerful force that can affect the attitude, mindset, outlook, and confidence level of each member of your team. 

Power Words that Activate the Brain

Power Words

Words have power. The power to harm and the power to energize and inspire. Words hold even more weight when they come from a leader.  Numerous studies reveal the impact words have on our thinking and behavior. If you want to be a leader who optimizes the brains of your followers, then click the below … Read more

How to Practice the New Science of Performance


If you are wanting to boost the performance of your employees or the overall performance of your organization the new science of performance can be implemented by learning and applying two key practices: The first is Hire for High Performance. This includes having deep insights into a person’s intellectual capabilities, personality, and their motives and … Read more

The Secret Sauce of Motivation

Great stories and motivational speeches give us a nice feeling. But they are temporary and fail to keep us motivated to work harder and give our best over an extended period of time. The secret sauce of motivation boils down to the alignment between a person’s sense of purpose—including what they value and deem meaningful—and … Read more