Empower your leaders and managers to lead more effectively and reach their business goals with training led by Dr. Jones. Jason offers engaging and practical training programs for organizations seeking to invest in their people.


This format is the easiest to fit into a busy work schedule. Using accelerated learning techniques, the training keys on creating commitment, mindset, and focus on a particular skill or approach. These sessions are typically 30-minutes to 2-hours in length. This training approach yields greater success when it is provided to employees on a monthly or quarterly basis. 


Half-day and full-day programs allow your people to dig deeper into the topic and provides more time for group discussion, case studies, practice, and creating action plans.

This format is highly recommended for participants who need to learn new concepts and skills or who are integrating a new approach into their work and leadership. Utilizing proven adult learning techniques, participants get the opportunity to explore how principles are integrated into their work. Dr. Jones facilitates "mastermind" discussions that are intended to help participants address specific challenges and create solutions for their unique situations.


An online learning experience can be used to meet the needs of your organization and participants. Multiple formats are available including self-paced video modules with web-based interaction, webinar seminar with virtual breakouts, and cohort learning modules with live video combined with accountability methods. 


ACTIVATOR: Motivating and Engaging Employees

The Motivating & Engaging Employees training program reveals a new approach to employee motivation that is based on the latest behavior and brain science. Participants will learn the “what” and the “how” of motivating employees toward greater focus, engagement, and performance. 

  • Learn the science-based facts of how people are motivated to perform at their best
  • Identify your own unique, natural drives that activate achievement and fulfillment
  • Identify the unique, natural motivators of the people you lead
  • Learn the FRAMEwork model for creating environments that boost employee engagement
  • Create a plan for implementing an engagement strategy for your team/organization


28 Days to a Motivated Team

Effective managers and great leaders understand team dynamics and motivation triggers that drive team performance. Based on Dr. Jones’ book 28 Days to a Motivated Team, participants learn the motivational triggers of all humans and the 5 scientifically proven factors of motivation and engagement in the workplace. The presentation will help each participant understand how to boost the motivation and engagement of their direct reports and their team as a unit.

  • Learn the difference between individual and team motivation
  • Assess your team to identify motivation and engagement gaps
  • Learn how to balance competence difference within the team
  • Learn how to avoid disengaging star players
  • Create a plan to increase team chemistry and performance


Formula One Performance 

Using a Formula One racing model, attendees learn how to accelerate their achievement and performance utilizing the latest in neuroscience and motivation research. Just as Formula One cars rely on a delicate balance of force and energy, so also do employees.

  • Deep insight into the critical components of workplace performance
  • Learn a memorable framework to understand and assess your performance
  • Explore innovative ideas for increasing the performance of yourself an others
  • Learn practical tips to manage energy and increase resilience
  • Create a plan to perform and lead at a higher level for greater achievement and results


Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Self-leadership is the core of effective leadership. Understanding your emotional triggers and default behaviors will prepare you to manage your responses amidst stress and chaos. This skill is called Emotional Intelligence and involves the application of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management.

Participants will assess their level of emotional intelligence and learn to increase it. Participants will also learn how to leverage the power of emotional intelligence in everyday interactions with employees, peers, and their leadership.

  • Understand the core tenants of emotional intelligence
  • Assess your own level of emotional intelligence
  • Determine emotional intelligence factors that you need to develop
  • Identify your self-destructive tendencies and learn how to mitigate them
  • Learn how to manage conflict and avoid miscommunication
  • Create a plan to manage difficult people 
  • Create your own emotional intelligence development plan


Coaching High Performance: Leading with Backbone and Heart

Effective leaders are able to manage driving results while also maintaining relationships. Coaching is an approach to leadership that balances backbone and heart. In this training program, participants are taught a proven conversational model that aids expectation setting, achievement, and accountability while also developing the employee to be and do their best. The skills of listening, inquiry, giving constructive feedback, and holding people accountability will be explored.

  • Use the GOAL model to guide coaching conversations with employees
  • Learn how to lead with questions to increase employee ownership and motivation
  • Learn how to give honest and clear feedback to employees
  • Help employees to think deeper about problems and challenges and make good decisions
  • Help employees create goals and a plan to achieve them
  • Create methods of accountability
  • Learn advanced techniques for coaching employees


Focus for Success

This training program teaches an evidence-based method for setting goals, planning execution, maintaining focus, sustaining motivation, and creating accountability that can help anyone achieve at a higher level and reach their goals more quickly. 

  • Set effective goals and build your confidence for achievement
  • Help others create effective goals and produce greater results
  • Plan a strategy that accelerates your achievement
  • Build momentum and keep yourself motivated throughout the year
  • Harness and manage your energy to be and do your best every day
  • Build a system of accountability that will keep you on track for achievement


Leading Organizational and Culture Change

In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven, and customer-focused environment, change is not just inevitableit's imperative. Leaders that have developed the ability to lead change effectively are poised to leverage the benefits change can bring, while leaders who are ill-equipped will suffer the detrimental organizational consequences of poor change management that often include employee disengagement, decreased employee loyalty, and poor workforce performance.

This course will focus on the important role leaders play in leading change initiatives. Participants will learn how to better understand how people react to change and eventually acclimate to it. The training will teach leaders a method to introduce a change initiative and build a sense of ownership on the part of employees.

  • Understand what to expect when initiating change 
  • Apply a change method approach to a change initiative
  • Learn how to communicate change effectively
  • Influence and persuade others toward shared goals
  • Identify and empower change agents
  • Create avenues for input from all levels of the organization
  • Apply techniques for increased leadership skills in the areas of communication, trust-building, persuasion, collaboration, and employee motivation

“Dr. Jason Jones is recognized by SHRM to offer Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for the SHRM-CP® or SHRM-SCP®. For more information about certification or recertification, please visit www.shrmcertification.org.”



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