3 Neuroscience Principles You Need to Know To Be Your Best

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Neuroscience is a complex field, but there are three principles that can help you apply key strategies to be your best in your work and your personal life.

7 Ways to Bring Contagious Positive Energy to Your Team

7 Ways to Bring Energy IMG

You bring energy to every interaction you have with others. This energy has a significant impact and can be either negative or positive. If you hold a leadership position the impact of your energy is a powerful force that can affect the attitude, mindset, outlook, and confidence level of each member of your team. 

The 5 Habits of Maximum Motivation eBook

This is the reason I wrote my latest ebook, The 5 Habits of Maximum Motivation. If you’ve kept up with my blog you know I focus on the science of motivation both in life and work. Because of this, I get many questions related to personal motivation or how to motivate employees. The most popular … Read more

The 5 Inhibitors of Motivation

Reality shows have captured the minds and hearts of TV watchers for many years now. We are all intrigued by getting an inside view of what people think during difficult experiences and how people respond, both good and bad, to the adversities of the game.   Every person on the show has motivation to achieve or win. What’s interesting to me … Read more

The Dark Side of Goals

Goals are great and they are certainly a scientifically proven method for achieving the outcomes we have in mind.  But while goals help us focus on our desired achievements, they can easily become the very thing that keeps us from being truly successful in life. Don’t see me as a pessimist — I’m far from … Read more

How to Create Laser Focus

In our fast-paced work environment it is difficult to find time to give focused attention to the things that require deep thinking and contemplation. Multitasking has consumed our workday and quick decision making is an absolute necessity if we want to keep up. In my work, I’ve found that neglecting to take the time to … Read more