How Sitting Kills Motivation & Health

It sneaks up on us. We don’t even realize how long we do it each day. And it’s one of the quickest ways to obstruct our physical energy and motivation.

I’m talking about sitting.

The average person sits about 7.7 hours each day and the research tells us that this amount is too much and is a contributing factor of disease and hinders metabolic health.

The research reminds us that the more body movement we create throughout the day the better oxygen can move freely through our blood and the more energy we will have, both physical and mental.

Movement not only benefits our health, it’s also the foundation of our motivation. The work chair and the couch at home can be one of the largest barriers to our energy and drive.  Looking for opportunities to stand rather than sit can give you a health, energy, and motivation boost. This boost can lead to increases in vitality, productivity, higher engagement and performance.

I ran across the following infographic at It’s a great reminder of why we have to be intentional about integrating movement into our everyday work or we risk poor health, disease, and hinder our ability to have the energy we need to live and work at our very best.

Sitting Disease by the Numbers