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Roughly 65% of the workforce is underperforming and disengaged resulting in poor work quality. Disengagement also leads to high turnover rates, injuries, lawsuits, and low morale that extends to people outside of your organization and repels talent. 

Using the latest behavioral and neuroscience research, Dr. Jones teaches leaders that motivation, engagement, and high-performance doesn't come from large, generic engagement programs. Instead, motivation and engagement are driven by a unique interaction between the employee and the leader.

Dr. Jones calls this unique interaction and process, "ACTIVATION." The activation concept is built on brain research that reveals how leaders can "light-up" an employee's brain as it activates 14 regions responsible for reasoning, processing, creativity, analysis, emotional intelligence, and impulse control among many others. 

Through a proven set of principles and techniques, any leader can learn to lead at a higher level and activate the potential of their people to be and do their best in work and life. 

"The most successful leaders over the next 100 years will be those who learn how to activate the best in their people and then get out of their way."  - Jason E. Jones, Ph.D.

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Engaging and inspiring keynote messages that include practical and proven methods to move your people to do more and be more. 

Innovative and challenging leadership training programs that focus on building mindsets and skillsets to be more effective and perform at a high level. 

Learn more about Jason's books and leadership resources that can help you activate the natural energy of others.

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Research White Paper (2019)



Download the white paper and learn how to use neuroscience to become a better leader and unleash the performance and potential of your people. Lead improvement in the following areas:

  • Engagement and Trust
  • Adaptability to Change
  • Problem Solving and Innovation
  • Performance
  • Cognitive Fitness


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