I just published a new study that surveyed Fortune 500 leaders to determine the most common leadership skills currently being developed. Between April 2021 and May 2022, I gathered data from 30 leadership focus groups consisting of 157 leaders from more than 50 Fortune 500 companies. The data provided insights into the leadership development focus areas across a variety of industries including high-tech, manufacturing, healthcare, banking, and construction. Participants in the groups were from various parts of their organizations including marketing, information technology, supply chain, product development, strategy, finance, accounting, and human resources. The companies that were represented included Microsoft, Google, Facebook, GM, JP Morgan Chase, IBM, UBS, Hilton Brands, Walmart, Adidas, Baker Hughes, 3M, GE, Bank of America, Mayo Clinic, Shell, Salesforce, Marriott, Comcast, L’ Oreal, UPS, US Bank, DHL, Charles Schwab, among many others.

Watch the video below to learn about these top 5 areas. You can also download the executive summary of the study here.

A massive shift has occurred since 2020. Organizational leaders have experienced the impact of leadership skill deficits, especially in the areas of talent retention. People don’t just want a good leader, they expect it. If their leader is ineffective, detached, or disrespectful, people are less satisfied with their job and will take their talent and skills elsewhere. Effective leadership in 2022 and beyond requires a more human approach that must be developed in supervisors, managers, and leaders throughout an organization. A premium is being placed on leaders who have the capacity to demonstrate the skills of relationship building, emotional intelligence, empathy, support, resilience, change management, and coaching. Failing to develop and deploy these skills will likely lead to greater costs to an organization through higher levels of voluntary turnover, grievances, lawsuits, and worker compensation claims, as well as lost revenue potential due to lower levels of engagement, quality, productivity, and performance.

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