Be a Gainer, Not a Loser

Many people are thinking about losing weight this time of year. It’s by far the most popular new year’s resolutions.   My good friend Tim Nations recently blogged about his mindset shift related to his goal of losing weight every year.  His new plan, in 2014, is to focus on gaining, rather than losing. No, … Read more

Motivate Employees Like Prisoners

Motivating employees can be tough. Especially employees who are not in a job role they want. You think that is hard? Now, imagine if your job is to motivate prisoners to be law-abiding and  productive members of the community. In the U.S. the prison population is four times higher than it was 30 years ago. … Read more

5 Motivation Killers Leaders Must Avoid

When the opportunity presents itself, I like to ask people what motivates them and what hinders their motivation. I’ve asked this question to a wide variety of people from teenagers to business owners and CEOs. Young and old. Rich and poor. And people from all around the world.   I’ve even asked this question to … Read more

3 Ways to Motivate the Unmotivated

Let’s face it, there are people who just don’t seem to care about giving their best at work. This is one of the biggest frustrations of managers. It’s easy for us to believe these people lack a work ethic or have a significant character flaw. This kind of thinking often leads to a negative relationship … Read more

The Power of Imperfection

  Perfection is a damaging myth. The more you pursue it the further you are from it. A common fallacy is that we often believe people expect us to be perfect. The truth is, we all know that nobody can be perfect. In fact, people don’t want to be around perfection pursuing people. It’s a … Read more