Motivation Madness: Making Sense of It All

Motivation is one of the most interesting topics to people because it is at the root of our behavior, values, and personality.   It seems everybody has an opinion on motivation. Talk to any human resource generalist, business leader, or manager and you’ll find a person who has given a great deal of thought to this concept.   Whether elaborate or … Read more Motivation Madness: Making Sense of It All

How to Create Laser Focus

In our fast-paced work environment it is difficult to find time to give focused attention to the things that require deep thinking and contemplation. Multitasking has consumed our workday and quick decision making is an absolute necessity if we want to keep up. In my work, I’ve found that neglecting to take the time to … Read more How to Create Laser Focus

Q&A on Employee Motivation

I was recently interviewed by Ryan Estis, noted performance and leadership expert, for a post on his blog. Ryan has consulted with some of the top companies in the world and recently keynoted for the Society of Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) national conference. Here is a portion of the interview. Ryan: What is motivation? Jason: … Read more Q&A on Employee Motivation

Coaching Techniques That Motivate

A coaching leader uses many different tools and techniques to help people move toward achieving their goals. I have already shared the 5 techniques I use most often but there are many more. Here are 5 more coaching techniques you can use to coach people toward success. Risk Analysis: When a person is having trouble … Read more Coaching Techniques That Motivate

Coaching Techniques That Get Results

In a prior post I shared a coaching framework called the GOAL model to help leaders know the steps and process for having successful coaching conversations with people. In my most recent posts I’ve presented the 5 coaching skills that, when developed, can help a leader accelerate leadership and coaching effectiveness. The skills included Listening, … Read more Coaching Techniques That Get Results

3 Principles for Praising Employees

Praising employees often and effectively is a key skill for any coaching leader who seeks to accelerates employee confidence, ability, and loyalty. We’ve all been in situations where we’ve felt unrecognized, disregarded, or taken for granted. When we find ourselves in this kind of environment, whether at work or in our personal lives, our motivation … Read more 3 Principles for Praising Employees

The Art of Challenging Employees

Think about a time when you were challenged by someone to do more or to get better. I would imagine your experience was a lot like mine. Very uncomfortable, yet the experience created awareness that your current level of focus, energy, or behavior was lacking and someone (a teacher, coach, supervisor, parent, spouse, or friend) saw that … Read more The Art of Challenging Employees

5 Steps to Giving Constructive Feedback

Giving feedback may be one of the most uncomfortable responsibilities of a leader. I have talked to leaders who have admitted to giving as little feedback as possible due to the anxiety this kind of interaction produces. On the flip-side, there are some leaders who do not hesitate to give feedback and often do it … Read more 5 Steps to Giving Constructive Feedback