Why Your Personal Energy Is So Important

It’s evident that more people and organizations (both for-profit and non-profit) are becoming increasing interested in how to maximize energy. The reasoning is simple, the more energy a person has the more she or he will be able to fully engage in whatever activity is at hand. In our energy draining world, where many of us work in energy depleting environments, and sometimes with energy sucking people, the skill of maintaining and even optimizing our energy is a key factor of personal and professional success. I am convinced that without optimized energy, it becomes very difficult to effectively focus, engage, and persevere in the activities and experiences that lead us consistently on our mission path.

Dimensions of Energy.001I like what Jim Loehr says about energy in his book The Corporate Athlete Advantage, “Just like the sun’s energy spawns life in plants, and plants spawn life in humans, we spawn life in whatever we give our energy to.”

As you think about your personal energy development, I’d encourage you to think about the following dimensions that work interdependently and make up the fabric of your life energy.

Physical Energy is the energy that is created by the nutrients and oxygen that you put in and help circulate through your body. Physical energy is optimized when we create a continual ossilation between exercise stress and recovery.

Emotional Energy is the energy derived from your emotional state and connectedness with others that affect your quality of emotional output. This energy is seen and felt by others even when you don’t intend for it to or want others to detect it. Your energy whether positive or negative has a restorative or draining affect on others.

Mental Energy is the energy associated with your mental processes like thinking, problem solving, and decision making. Mental energy greatly affects your ability to think at your best.

Spiritual Energy is the energy of purpose and passion. This energy greatly influences your character and principles. When you understand your purpose in life and seek to make a meaningful impact on others, spiritual energy can be a significant driving force in your life. Spiritual energy has the greatest affect on all other energy dimension.

It is important to remember that “Life Energy” is not about feeling more energetic and happy at all times. Rather, it is about how we live our lives in a healthy and balanced way in order to create sustained positive energy throughout our lives. Ultimately, optimized energy allows you to¬† unleash your personal potential and fully engage in the things that are most important in life.

What will you do to optimize your life energy?