As an international keynote speaker, author, and consultant, Dr. Jones helps leaders understand the truth about employee motivation and engagement and how to create a culture of energy, pride, and ownership that drives business results in the new digital economy.

Billions of dollars have been poured into engagement initiatives over the past 20 years but have yielded no real increase in employee engagement. Using neuroscience and the latest motivation research, Jason teaches leaders how to effectively boost employee engagement, performance, and business results. 

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Engaging and inspiring keynote messages that include practical and proven methods to move your people to do more and be more. 

Innovative and challenging leadership training programs that focus on building mindsets and skillsets to be more effective and perform at a high level. 

Learn more about Jason's books and leadership resources that can help you activate the natural energy of others.

Leadership Character Drives Employee Engagement and Effort
I recently completed a research study investigating the impact of leadership character. I’m always curious about what leads to people
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Power Messages that Activate Potential
The statements we make to people during critical times can either support or hinder their potential. That’s why I call
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From Influencer to Activator
  It has been quite popular to talk about leadership as influence. While I certainly agree that a leader influences
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Activate Natural Motivation By Seeing People’s Uniqueness
As humans, our tendency is to boil concepts down to their most basic elements. In doing so, we extract the
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