3 Big Questions for Team Motivation


Many mangers expect an engaged and motivated team as a result of combining a group of engaged and motivated individuals. In a team setting, people’s motivations adapt and change as their goals become more dependent on the work of other people. A new dynamic enters the environment and people begin to evaluate the competence and commitment of the team, not just their own.


There are 3 Big questions every team member asks that has a great impact on motivation. Ultimately, the cumulative answers of the team will dictate the teams motivation, focus, and energy.


1. Does the team have the skill and knowledge needed to reach our goal?


2. Does the team have the capability and willingness to collaborate effectively?


3. Will every team member carry their weight?


Managers need to look at the team they lead like an organism. A complex organism made up of many individual needs and expectations. Active management and facilitation is the key to answering the 3 big questions positively and leading the team toward health and achievement.