The Remote Leadership Toolkit

The Remote Leadership Toolkit is unique because it uses a hybrid model for instruction that includes videos, virtual workshop learning and discussions, practicum and accountability process, and “just-in-time job aids and tools. 

The RLT program consists of 5 courses. Additional courses can be added based on the needs of your managers and leaders. 

Each workshop consists of:

  • Two Mindset Videos for Pre-Work (5-7 minutes each)
  • The 90-minute Interactive virtual workshop
  • Workbook
  • Action-Challenge 
  • One Learning Reinforcement Video (5 minutes)
  • Additional Tools including worksheets, assessments, check-lists, etc. 

Workshop 1: Embracing and Leading Change workshop helps leaders understand why people enter the “fear or threat mode” and easily become skeptical and defensive. Then leaders learn how they can guide each employee through adaptation and acceptance process that takes someone from threat-mode to thrive-mode. And this will lead to increases in cooperation, collaboration, engagement, and higher levels of performance.

Workshop 2: Building Trust and Resilience workshop helps leaders utilize the latest brain-research to become a more trusted and effective leader. Participants will learn dozens of brain-based tactics that will increase openness on the part of employees and also build a resilient mindset within them.

Workshop 3: Facilitating Remote Collaboration and Teamwork helps leaders build facilitation skills that are critical for leading in our new world of work. This program teaches leaders how to work with and through people in a way that leverages their skills and abilities, rather than being a leader who controls, commands, and makes every decision.

Workshop 4: Leading Virtual Meetings is a workshop that teaches leaders how to manage and lead efficient and engaging meetings. In this program, leaders are taught how to create engagement, communicate information more clearly, facilitate discussions, and leverage technology to lead meetings effectively. 

Workshop 5: Virtual Coaching and Performance Management workshop teaches leaders how to effectively balance driving results while also caring and maintaining good relationships with their people. In other words, the best leaders have developed a sensitive balance of backbone and heart. This program teaches leaders a proven coaching model and skill set that will help them coach performance, behavior, and development effectively while in a virtual setting. 

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Virtual Meeting Facilitation