Motivate and Move People to Action Lesson 6

Dr. Steven Reiss studied more than 50,000 people across the world and through a process of confirmatory factor analysis discovered sixteen needs he termed “Basic Desires.” His research asserts these needs to be the core driver of human motivation and behavior. Each of the desires he discovered has a significant impact on both employee and team motivation.
Acceptance – The desire to be accepted and to avoid criticism.
Beauty – The desire to be in aesthetically pleasing environments.
Curiosity – The desire to learn and understand.
Eating – The desire for food.
Expedience – The desire to act with self-interest.
Family – The desire to raise children and spend time with family.
Idealism – The desire to improve society.
Interdependence - The desire to work with others to meet one’s needs.
Order – The desire to be clean and organized.
Physical Activity - The desire for physical movement and exercise.
Power – The desire to lead and influence others.
Saving – The desire to conserve and collect.
Social Contact – The desire to be with people.
Status – The desire for prestige and social standing.
Tranquility – The desire to avoid stress and anxiety.
Competition – The desire to confront others when offended and during competition.