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If you are in Healthcare, you know this industry has a unique set of management and leadership challenges.  Organizational Psychologist and keynote speaker Dr. Jason Jones equips leaders to strike the balance between driving results and caring for people to become an effective modern leader. Dr. Jones leverages his experience working with Healthcare organizations along with the latest behavior and brain science to teach leaders how to ignite their people and launch them toward their potential.

Employee engagement and performance aren't a result of broad-scale, soft engagement programs or expensive "feel-good" activities. They are driven by a unique interaction between the leader and the employee. An interaction that utilizes coaching and accountability that increases engagement and retention.

Dr. Jones calls this interaction ACTIVATION and leaders who use these tactics, ACTIVATORS. Brain studies reveal how leaders can literally "light-up" an employee's brain through techniques that stimulate fourteen regions of the brain responsible for motivation, decision-making, discipline, relationship management, creativity, and emotional control. 

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Engaging and inspiring keynote messages that include practical and proven methods to move your people to do more and be more. 

Innovative and challenging leadership training programs that focus on building mindsets and skillsets to be more effective and perform at a high level. 

Learn more about Jason's books and leadership resources that can help you activate the natural energy of others.

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5 Ways to Use Brain Science to Boost Employee Engagement and Performance. 

Download Jason's latest white paper and learn how to leverage brain science to become a better leader. Unleash the performance and potential of your people by using science-based leadership tactics in the areas of employee engagement, change management, decision-making, cognitive fitness, and employee performance.

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