We can help you leverage technology to deliver flexible and cost-effective leadership development opportunities for your organization.

Virtual workshops and seminars are great ways to equip your leaders to guide your organization more effectively while increasing engagement and retention. 

Jason has been delivering virtual workshops and seminars for nearly two decades. He understands what it takes to lead engaging programs that people enjoy and that create a high return-on-investment.

Our team can support your content and technology platform delivery in the following ways:

  • Keynote & Seminar Presentations
  • Virtual Leadership Meetings
  • Training Workshop Facilitation
  • Customized Online Training Courses
  • Individual and Team Coaching
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Leadership and Strategy Consulting
  • Technology Set-Up and Support Consulting


Leading a remote team requires a significant adjustment from standard leadership practices. Acquiring new mindsets, skillsets, and tools is imperative to keep dispersed employees engaged, focused, and performing well.  

The Remote Leadership Toolkit is a series of virtual training workshops engineered to help each participant lead in a virtual, uncertain, and chaotic environment. The program addresses a large set of remote leadership skill including psycho-social needs to build and maintain trust, facilitation skills to increase engagement, performance coaching skills to drive results, and technology resources for effective communication. 

This program delivers the following core courses. Additional courses can be added based on need. 

  • Embracing and Leading Change
  • Building Trust and Resilience
  • Facilitating Remote Collaboration and Teamwork
  • Leading Virtual Meetings
  • Virtual Coaching and Performance Management
Dr Jason Jones Behind the Scenes

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