You can expect a professional level keynote presentation that is customized to the needs of your audience. Jason uses a combination of current data, proven principles, and stories to craft a presentation that will engage every type of learner. Jason delivers specific and actionable ideas that can be the cornerstone of your conference, meeting, or event.



Customized Presentation: Jason works with meeting organizers and business leaders to customize each presentation to meet the needs of the audience.

Motivational Message: A presentation that moves people to action.

Maximized Time: A true return on investment for the time spent through the new skills participants put into action immediately.

Memorable Experience: Participants remember the experience and will appreciate the opportunity to learn.

Outstanding Customer Service: Jason’s highest priority is to make your event a great success.

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Jason Speaking CTP
Jason Speaking Ethics Lunch

"Our group was highly entertained and at the same time informed by Jason. He is very personable and connected well with everyone who attended. He combined his research and excellent presentations skills to deliver a message participants can readily apply.  We are looking forward to having him back!"

- Chris Burke, Oklahoma City, OK


“Jason’s message resonated with everyone in the room. His insightful and humorous presentation was the perfect approach to energize and engage the participants!”

- Tom Brooks, Washington D.C.


“Jason has incredible passion, energy, excitement, credibility and a powerful message! He was prepared to deliver the most appropriate message to the audience and exceeded their expectations."

- Ryan Charp, Denver, CO

"Jason's passion for his message is contagious. He provides valuable, data driven insights and usable tools in an approachable fashion. The Participants were energized and engaged!"

- Robben Kniffen-Rusu, Dallas, TX



ACTIVATE! : Awakening the Natural Motivation of the People You Lead

You don’t instill motivation in people, you ACTIVATE it! Learn what it takes to energize and inspire people to greater focus, engagement, and passion in their work. Learn a model and set of tools to go beyond basic leadership and communication principles to understand how to activate the internal motivation mechanisms of anyone.

Explore a proven framework for self-motivation and motivating others. Intertwining scientifically proven methods with stories about real-life challenges, Dr. Jones will help you take your leadership to the next level. You will walk away with motivational techniques that will unleash the greatness in others. Each participant will learn:

  • the science-based facts of how people are really motivated
  • the important distinction between motivation and engagement
  • how motivating people has evolved over time and across cultures
  • A concrete framework, along with specific ideas for activating people to be and do their best.

Winning with Character: Building a Culture of Character that Produces Long-Term Business Success

The behavior of employees will determine the success of your organization. Whether it is customer service, product quality, timeliness of delivery or management practices, how your people behave at all levels will impact your organizations ability to meet your goals and ultimately live your mission. That is why building the character of your people and of your organization is vital.

In this session you will learn how Strata Leadership’s C3 character model is transforming businesses around the world. You will learn how companies can help employees grow their character leading to increases in performance, engagement, and Loyalty.


During the program you will learn:

  • the C3 character model that creates the core of a company’s behavior and practices.
  • how to identify the difference between character problems and competence problems.
  • a method for leadership and employee development that bridges the gap between management and the front-line.
  • how to teach character without offending employees.
  • how to motivate leaders to conduct business the right way.
  • how to motivate people to give their best effort to their work and make ethical decisions.
  • how to create a culture where people thrive.

Driving High Performance…The Right Way

Most companies drive performance with a short-term perspective. Although effective in some cases, it neglects the core needs of employees and leads to employee dissatisfaction, disengagement, and long-term lagging performance. This program leads participants through a model for how to drive performance utilizing scientifically proven and sustainable methods of motivation, goal-setting, coaching, and performance management.


28 Days to a Motivated Team
Based on Jason’s book, participants learn the basic motivational needs of all humans and the 5 scientifically proven factors of motivation in the workplace. The presentation will help each participant understand how to motivate individuals and how to motivate a team as a unit. Through a lively and insightful presentation every person will walk away with practical tools and a plan for improving engagement and loyalty in their team.


Energy for Life: Creating Sustained Energy to Be Your Best in Work and Life

Our most critical resource is not time, it is energy. Energy is a key component of time management, efficiency, quality of work, job engagement, and overall health. This motivational program will encourage and inspire each participant to create a plan for increasing energy for work and life. Each person will also walk away with a plan of action to help increase the energy of the people she/he lead.


The Coaching Leader

Coaching encompasses the most effective competencies of a leader including relationship building, collaboration, teamwork, empowering others, leading change, driving for results, and motivating people. This lively and informative program teaches a proven method of coaching employees utilizing 5 key coaching skills. Participants will leave the session with more than a dozen coaching techniques that can be used immediately.


Communicate to Motivate

A key competency of leadership is communication. In this program, Dr. Jones shares how leaders can become better motivators by improving their ability to communicate clearly and powerfully. Utilizing the most contemporary motivation and persuasion research, Jason teaches his audience the 5 key elements of motivational communication that can be used to increase both verbal and written communication. Finally, Jason provides the audience with 7 proven techniques that will immediately help participants to create more inspiring and moving speeches, presentations, and emails.

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