Empower your team to reach its goals with specific training, led by Jason or his Strata Leadership colleagues who are experts in organizational development. Strata Leadership offers an array of engaging and practical programs for organizations seeking to invest in their employees.


Contact us to discuss training options, pricing, and availability.


Training Formats:

100-Minute Workshop | This format is easiest to fit into a busy work schedule. We recommend you allow 2-hours for the training, which includes two 50-minute sessions with a break in between. Recommended class size: up to 30


Half-Day or Full-Day Seminar | These programs allow your people to dig deeper into the topic at hand and provides more time for group discussion, personal examples, and creating action plans. Recommended class size: up to 30


Leadership Academy | This approach combines multiple topics into a customized course based on your needs. By training together each month, academy participants build greater trust, teamwork, and focus. A normal Leadership Academy lasts 6 months—one training day per month. Recommended class size: up to 30


Customized Program | Do you have a specific topic or training course you want us to develop? Our team of trainers and writers are ready to create a customized program tailored to your needs.


For more information please visit the Strata Leadership Training website. To inquire about pricing or booking a training for your organization call 877.357.0001.

Jason Speaking CPT3