How to Avoid Virtual Employee Disengagement

Dr. Jason Jones

The ongoing Covid-19 crisis has altered our way of life in many ways. Nowhere is this more true than in how we accomplish our work. For better or worse, virtual work is how we must get business done.  Before the crisis, roughly 35% of employees were fully engaged in their work while 65% of employees … Read moreHow to Avoid Virtual Employee Disengagement

Activate Natural Motivation By Seeing People’s Uniqueness

As humans, our tendency is to boil concepts down to their most basic elements. In doing so, we extract the uniqueness in pursuit of simplicity. We often do this by using generalizations. These generalizations, while having some utility, rob us of seeing the uniqueness of individual difference. Understanding and embracing uniqueness has been forgotten in … Read moreActivate Natural Motivation By Seeing People’s Uniqueness

Hire Better and Hire Right with a Focus on Character

According to a recent study by Leadership IQ, 46% of hired employees will fail within 18 months, while only 19% of hires will become successful in their new role.   By any standard, this track record is poor. Human Resources and leaders of every part of the organization continue to search for ways to be more … Read moreHire Better and Hire Right with a Focus on Character

How to Lead Motivating Meetings

How many boring meetings have you endured? Dozens, hundreds, dare I say…thousands. It’s unfortunate that meetings have received such a bad rap. Meetings can be informative, inspiring, and motivating, yet so many managers have created them to be tedious and wearisome. Face-to-face meetings are challenging enough as it is, and now with a more dispersed … Read moreHow to Lead Motivating Meetings

Q&A on Employee Motivation

I was recently interviewed by Ryan Estis, noted performance and leadership expert, for a post on his blog. Ryan has consulted with some of the top companies in the world and recently keynoted for the Society of Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) national conference. Here is a portion of the interview. Ryan: What is motivation? Jason: … Read moreQ&A on Employee Motivation

28 Days to a Motivated Team – Book Release

As a manager and leader of people, one of your most important roles is that of a motivator. Having smart, skilled, and engaged employees isn’t enough to build a high performing team. You must create an environment that supports and accelerates the energy  and drive of each employee toward mutual team goals. In my new book, I share … Read more28 Days to a Motivated Team – Book Release

The 7 Deadly Demotivators

A person’s quality of motivation is greatly influenced by his/her current emotional state. This doesn’t discount the cognitive processing that is required for goal-directed action. In fact, this cognitive processing is what often produces a perception that creates a highly emotional response that either hinders or supports action. I have observed 7 emotional responses that produce amotivation — the term … Read moreThe 7 Deadly Demotivators

Creating Team Standards

A set of “Team Standards” can help a team become more committed, motivated, and collaborative. Team standards are not as much rules as they are standard operating procedures for work and interaction. Managers can help support a team’s success by facilitating a group discussion that identifies these standards. One way to lead the discussion is … Read moreCreating Team Standards

Motivate By Building Emotional Connections

In recent years, best performing companies have embraced the idea of building emotional bonds with employees. These companies develop managers who not only treat a person as an employee or a worker, but also as a mother, friend, daughter, and caregiver. These managers motivate people by showing a level of respect to employees that values … Read moreMotivate By Building Emotional Connections

The Top 5 Assessments for Building Your Team

Assessments can be a great way to teach team members about the commonalities and differences among their peers. When we work with others, it becomes quickly evident that we all have preferences and styles for how we work, think, communicate, and handle conflict. There are 5 great assessments that I recommend to help individuals and … Read moreThe Top 5 Assessments for Building Your Team

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